'No churn' Superfood Ice Cream

Our Everyday Coffee Booster is not just for coffee, we use it as an ingredient in a ton of stuff! It's a great addition to a desert idea like this! This no churn ice cream means you can make it at home without an ice cream machine with just four main ingredients! we used dates and coffee to flavor this batch to make a deliciously rich and decadent desert, but you could add fruit or basically anything you like! It's so simple!



- 1 tablespoon of Everyday Superfood Coffee Booster

- 2 cups heavy whipping cream

- 14oz can condensed milk

- 1 teaspoon vanilla essence


- 6 dates (softened for 10 minutes in hot water, the skins removed and chopped).

- I shot espresso (we used a shoot of @jot concentrated coffee)



1. Whip up the heavy cream until you get stiff peaks.

2. Add the vanilla essence to the condensed milk then fold into the cream

3. Fold in flavorings (in our case dates and coffee)

4. Transfer to a loaf tin (metal works best) cover and freeze for 4-6 hours!


SO simple! You can serve as a desert on its own, or you can wow dinner party guests by pouring an espresso over a scoop as an after dinner treat!