Super Spiced Tea

Esther Downton

Here we show you how to use Everyday to make a deliciously seasonal ‘Super Spiced Tea’. Lion's mane in this blend is your brain’s best friend so let this focus-fueled fixer help you smash that to-do list and take the pressure off planning.

Super Spiced Tea


  • Black tea (loose or bagged)
  • Hot Water
  • 1-2 scoops (1.5-3 tsp) 'Everyday' Superfood Coffee Booster
  • Splash of your preferred milk
  • Star Anise (optional)
  • Sugar or agave to taste (optional)


Method - Brew tea (you can pop in the star anise at this point), once brewed pour into a cup, add in ‘Everyday’ and mix thoroughly. Add a splash of milk, sugar to taste. Sit back and enjoy.

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