Morning - Noon -Nighttime

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Energize your mornings with Everyday

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Dirt Chai Latte

Spice up your afternoons with
Dirt Chai

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Unwind and prepare for a peaceful night's sleep with Dusk

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Souper Mix

Mushroom Bomb

Experience the umami explosion with Mushroom Bomb

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Hot + Spicy Curry

Ignite your taste buds with Hot + Spicy Curry

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Tomato Cha Cha

Shake up your meals with Tomato Cha Cha

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All Day Bundle 

From dawn to dusk, nourish your body and mind, with the
All Day Bundle

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Souper Mix Bundle

Elevate your soup game with the Souper Mix Bundle

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All Day Single's

Enjoy the convenience and variety of our
All Day Single Serve Packs, featuring two of each blend.

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Souper Mix Singles

Indulge in the flavorful experience of our Souper Mix Single Serve Packs, offering two servings of each blend

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Use Ritual Powders as a functional Ingredient

Chai Bites

Rev up your day with our Chai Spiced Energy Bites, featuring the flavorful and health-boosting Ritual Powders Dirt Chai Tea Latte. Easy to make and easier to enjoy, these nutritious bites are your perfect snack companion, giving you that much-needed energy boost with a burst of chai spice!

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Umami Onion Soup

Discover the rich and soul-warming Umami Onion Soup, featuring the umami-packed Ritual Powders Mushroom Bomb Souper Mix. With its perfect blend of classic flavors and functional mushroom benefits, this twist on a beloved classic will make every spoonful a delight to savor!

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Recipe 3

This dish is a delightful dance of tomatoes, herbs, and the wellness-boosting Lion's Mane and Tremella mushrooms from our Ritual Powders Tomato Cha Cha mix. A hearty brunch or a comforting dinner.

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