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Down the dirt!

We use whole ingredients so there is some sediment - that’s the good stuff!
We suggest you swirl that bit with the last of your drink and down it for the whole food's health benefits, or dump it - you do you!

Sediment contains many beneficial properties, such as phytonutrients – natural chemicals contained in plants, which have been scientifically proven to provide health benefits. In order to retain the highest possible quantity of vital nutrients, sediment is an essential part of the drink.

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'Zap Zap Nu Butter'

10 Minutes

We call this ‘Zap Zap’ nut butter as it's so packed full of energy that it provides a little ‘zap’ to your day.

For this recipe you can use a nut butter base of your choice and add in some energy boosting extras. 

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Bedtime Bliss bites

15 Minutes

Fortify bedtime with this simple recipe for a comforting nighttime treat. With just four ingredients that are not only delicious but a piece of cake to make. With the right amount of rich chocolaty sweetness and Dusk’s dreamy blend of sleep promoting mushrooms and plants you can pop a couple of these babies and settle down feeling satisfied and snoozy

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Mushroom Bomb Risotto 

35-40 Minutes

This mouthwatering recipe combines fresh mixed mushrooms and the powerful Ritual Powders Mushroom Bomb Souper Mix for a yummy dinner. Packed with rich umami flavors and functional health benefits, this risotto is the ultimate fusion of taste and nutrition.

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