'She’s a Vibe' – Transformative Tea

'She’s a Vibe' – Transformative Tea

Welcome to your first encounter with "She’s a Vibe," not just any tea but your new favorite ritual. Join us as we dive into what makes this tea a must-have in your daily routine.

She really is a Vibe! This pretty flower and mushroom tea is a vibrant blend of meticulously selected ingredients, each chosen for their unique benefits and harmonious interaction. Open the package and enjoy the rich, earthy aroma of Cordyceps mixed with the floral subtleties of Rose and Jasmine invites a sense of anticipation.

The tea’s aqua blue hue, thanks to Butterfly Pea flowers, is mesmerizing. Add a splash of lemon, and watch the color transform into a beautiful pinkish-purple, enhancing not just the flavor but also the experience.

"She’s a Vibe" can be enjoyed hot or as a refreshing cold infusion.

For a hot drink: Simply steep in hot water as you would with any tea to unlock the soothing and revitalizing benefits.

Create a cold infusion: Prepare the tea with hot water, let it cool, and then steep overnight in the refrigerator. This method allows for maximum extraction of the mushrooms' beneficial properties. Serve the chilled tea over ice for the perfect summer refreshment that’s both healthful and delicious.

Catch the Flower Power wave with She's a Vibe! It's more than just a tea—it's your summertime sidekick, splashed with a bouquet of benefits. Perfect for sipping under the sun She's a Vibe is here to add a splash of fun and flavor to your summer days!

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